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Post by Rover the Sea on Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:45 am

What, if any, are the pitfalls of so many people downloading stuff for free?

Does anyone care?

Is there a way to 'give something back' and not just take, take, take??

I don't want to sound like a moral crusader, and I have downloaded a fair amount of stuff, but I feel a tiny bit of guilt at not paying for stuff too often. I do think the way that the entertainment industry makes their millions needs to be reviewed and they get way more than they deserve (I guess), but someone somewhere is losing out with free downloading.

Was discussing this the other night (in a bar, so shit-talk really) and I reckon a good means of bands/artists not losing out would be to throw in their latest cd for free when you pay (the extortionate) ticket price for a gig. The fee to see a band should include the right to hear what you have paid for over again just as it does when you pay for their CD/download, just a thought?

As for movies, I think everyone kinda thinks that the people involved in the industry get WAY too much for their efforts but, again, someone is paying for the illegal stuff and where does that end? I certainly don't know the answers but I do think that the traditional means of "charging" for entertainment products needs looked at.

Sky sucks!
Rover the Sea

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Re: Downside

Post by StLedge on Sun Oct 03, 2010 12:25 pm

The money these 'stars' get paid is fucking ridiculous anyway, so I have no objection to anyone fucking them off for whatever!!!!

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