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Quotes of the Week

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Quotes of the Week

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 12, 2009 1:29 pm

Can someone post them here? Stupid software is blocking it at my work.

Cheers in advance


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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by StLedge on Thu Nov 12, 2009 1:40 pm

Quotes of the week

"He'd clean my shoes, make me cups of tea and even came to one of my fan club afternoons...he may be a global superstar but has he ever sold out Discotheque Royale on a Sunday afternoon?"
Lee Sharpe on the days when he was king and David Beckham was his bootboy.

"He's stopped putting things in his throat basically. It's quite simple. I'll take a leaf out of his book!"
Steve Bruce on the secret to Andy Reid's new slimline look.

"Phil's having a Guinness in his office at the moment - and he deserves one."
Hull assistant Brian Horton explains why Phil Brown would not give any interviews after the last-gasp win over Stoke.
He's world champion - not a lot of people know that
"It's a dream come true. I'm gonna party baby - party all night long."
David Haye turns into Lionel Richie after being crowned world champion.

"It wasn't so much taming the Beast - more like playing with a tabby cat."
And dismisses the challenge of 7ft giant Nikolay Valuev.

"Old ladies are worrying for my health and wishing me luck against this big Bully."
It's the blue-rinse brigade what won it for Haye, following his revelation on the eve of the fight.

"That's pretty special. Look at that fella!"
Nick Faldo examines his medal after being knighted by the Queen.

"Someone texted me saying he's a bit like I used to be, but more athletic, funnier and better-looking."
Martin Johnson, not jealous of new England second row Courtney Lawes.

"I cannot believe the decision (of the referee). Okay, it is human error, but it was one of the worst in my lifetime."
Alex Ferguson is not best pleased after seeing Darren Fletcher booked wrongly for diving in the Champions League clash with CSKA Moscow.

"You lose your faith in the refereeing was a bad one."
Guess who after defeat at Chelsea.

"12 men."
Wayne Rooney mouths his feelings to the cameras at Stamford Bridge.

"If you walk through a storm you hold your head up high, so that is what we will do."
Rafa Benitez Never Walks Alone.

"It is true. I got the injury at 19 when I was climbing a tree looking for a neighbour's cat. I ended up as a hero in my village because I saved the cat.
Unfortunately, I also fell out of the tree and injured my knee."
Leonid Slutski, Juande Ramos' successor as CSKA Moscow coach, on the bizarre end to his playing career.

"It is nice to be out on the golf course, you can only rearrange the furniture at home so many times."
Ryder Cup star Paul Casey abandons feng shui on his return from injury.
Flintoff can pick 'n' mix his games these days
"I'd like to play in Australia. I wanted to go when I was 16 but my mum wouldn't let me so I went to work in Woolworth's instead."
Freddie Flintoff - finally big enough to do what he wants.



"I don't think it struck his arm, it was more his elbow."
Joe Royle, ESPN commentary during Wolves v Arsenal. (Tink, UK).

"If you don't score at this level, unfortunately you aren't going to get a win."
Steve Bruce. At what level can you win without scoring, Steve? (Nick Dwyer, Staffordshire).

"At this level you've got to score goals to win matches."
Mark Lawrenson commenting on 5 live after Andriy Voronin's miss in the Lyon-Liverpool match.
(Ian Pilbeam, Scotland).

"David Wright's second-half goal at Portman Road on Saturday secured the Sussex side's first victory..."
In the Metro newspaper on Monday No wonder Ipswich are struggling to win if they are going to the wrong county. (CASROB).

"I will ask the medical staff to take as long as they need to try to get him back into shape as quickly as they can."
Fulham boss Roy Hodgson on Damian Duff.

"A racehorse ain't always gonna be the same, you've just got to be consistent and try and make it the same. We're the same, we're racehorses -- we're all racehorses really -- we're just trying to do our jobs properly."
Burton defender Guy Branston's insight into their current performance. (Richard Cripps, UK).

"That's a foul on Ivanovic and the referee blows up straight away."
Heard on the MOTD commentary of Bolton v Chelsea. (Jude, UK).
Do Chelsea's dynamic duo float your boat?
"I think if you asked the other 19 managers who would they choose, 10 would take Anelka and Drogba and 10 would take Rooney and Berbatov."
Andy Gray when asked which of the two striking partnerships are better. (Adam Moynihan, Ireland).

"I tell the players, when you have a headache you go and take a tablet. When you are on the back foot, the football industry is full of vultures so it's like when you have a headache, take a tablet. A win will be like a tablet."
Gold Coast United manager Miron Bleiberg attempting a Mourinho-ism. (Matty, Australia).

"Hang on a second lads, there's a wasp here, lets wait for it to go away."
Referee just before scrummage at a Chobham v Weybridge Vandals under 16s game. (James, England). Weybridge Vandals?! Ed.

"Kompany and company have a chaotic moment!"
Martin Tyler when Man City failed to clear against Fulham. (Pramod, India).

"United's victory sends them into the next stage of the Champions League."
Caption under the picture on the BBC website. But I thought 3-3 was a draw, not a win. (Libby Curran, USA).

"If he's lied, and he's confessed he lied, so he's obviously lied and he lied under oath."
Wada director general David Howman thinks Andre Agassi might have lied. (Feloola Elizabeth Stanley, UK).

"Former Australia winger Lote Tuqiri came on for his first Leicester start on 55 minutes."
BBC Sport Website. (Jonny Smith, Northern Ireland).

"I don't think the ref heard the linesman put his flag up there!"
Sky Sports commentator in the Barca game. (Adam).

"Vennegoor of Hesselink's second goal of the future earned Hull a critical three points."
Caption below the photo in the Hull-Stoke article on this site, quickly edited out but worth noting for posterity! (ShinyDavidHowell).

''The referee seems to have swallowed his whistle."
Commentator on the Milan-Real Madrid clash after the referee didn't call a number of fouls. (Billmarkenya).

"The U's playing in all leather. Leather?! I mean't yellow..."
Neil Kelly, BBC Essex. Bromley v Colchester United. (Joebo, UK).
Isn't, it can't be
"And Madrid are to make a change here, and it's the lesser-spotted Ruud van Nistelrooy."
Commentary during the Milan-Madrid game. (Mark Spivey, England).

"Man City will be aiming to finish in the top four this season, but anything other than that will be a bonus."
Alan Shearer on MOTD - implying they'd rather finish outside the top four!
(Adam Brown, Huddersfield).



"Are you Sandra in Disguise?"
Following Darren Bent's penalty miss at White Hart Lane, referring to Harry Redknapp's wife. Last season, Redknapp said of Bent 'My missus could have scored that'.

"Shearer Shearer Shearer!"
More from Spurs fans to Sunderland. (Sanjay, London).

"Can we play you twice a week?"
Chelsea fans to Bolton after beating them 4-0 in the Carling Cup at Stamford Bridge and in the Premier League at the Reebok.
(Oliver Todd, UK).

"We like Eboue-boue,
We like Eboue-boue,
We like Eboue-boue,
We like E...BOUE!"
Arsenal fans salute Emmanuel Eboue to the tune of Reel 2 Real's I Like To Move It.
(Alex Wilkinson, UK).

"No Woodman - No cry."
At Wycombe v Brighton,when Wycombe took a second-half lead after Craig Woodman's first-half dismissal.
(Thom Hoffman, England).

"There's only one Gareth Southgate!"
Crystal Palace fans to Middlesbrough supporters.
(Fred Simon, England).

"You're just a small town in Welling!"
Northwich Victoria fans to Charlton in the first-round FA Cup tie.
Callum Maclean, England

"We're not bottom any more!"
Ipswich fans after the Peterborough score was shown on the big screen at Reading.
(Stephen Bailey,Ipswich).

Shhh - don't tell Capello
"Bobby for England."
Fulham fans get over-excited after Bobby Zamora scores against Liverpool.

"12 men - you've only got 12 men."
After Fulham weren't given a penalty against Liverpool.

"11 men - you've only got 11 men."
After Degen got sent off.

"10 men - you've only got 10 men."
After Carrager's red.

"Neil has had a hip replacement!"
Plymouth Argyle fans question the age of Doncaster keeper Neil Sullivan. (Adam).

"I am a Fleetwood fan,
And I come from Fleetwood Town,
I know what I want and I know how to get it,
I wanna destroy Telford FC,
Cause, I wanna be Cod Army."
The real words to the Fleetwood Song featured last week to the tune of Anarchy in the UK. (niallthecod).



"The referee will make a decision after half-time whether to play the rest of the game due to fog. By the way, the score is 0-0."
At half-time during the Lewes v St Albans match, where you couldn't see from one side of the pitch to the the half-way line. The match was called off.
(Joe Betts, England).

"Number 39, Pascal Chambimba!"
Stadium announcer at Old Trafford going through the Blackburn line-up. (Chris, UK).



Andy Murray when John and Edward survived the public vote on X-Factor.
(Shiraz, Harrow).

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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 12, 2009 1:41 pm



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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:20 pm


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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Reidy Youre a Star on Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:24 pm

"I offered to shave off my beard and put on some make-up and then I'd have looked like my missus!"
Derby County's Robbie Savage after turning up at the airport with his wife's passport for a friendly in the Netherlands.

"Romario, Ronaldo, these were unbelievable players...some of the things they could do with a football made your hair stand on end. Me? I'm not even as skilful as Joe Cole!" Wayne Rooney is not ready to make up the three Rs ahead of England's game with Brazil.

"Comedy has always been at the heart of what this club is all about."
Manchester City chief executive Garry Cook inadvertently gives more firepower to United fans when defending the 'Welcome To Manchester' billboard for Carlos Tevez.
Beckham gets by on fan power
"I was joking on the sidelines saying 'You Americans have been dying to get it to four quarters and you finally got it!'"
David Beckham after LA Galaxy's Western Conference play-off final with Houston was plagued by power cuts.

"Apart from the goal I don't think it was a bad performance."
Jermaine Jenas was obviously playing in a different game to the one everyone else was watching, following his comments on England-Brazil.

"I will fly to the Balkans to meet with a female doctor who helped (PSV Eindhoven midfielder) Danko Lazovic.She is vague about her methods, but I know she massages you using fluid from a placenta."
Robin van Persie is hoping his career will be reborn after damaging ankle ligaments while playing for the Netherlands against Italy.

"I've had the impression for days that people have been wearing green on purpose. Maybe it's just my imagination but the other day I opened a can of Sprite, took a good look at it and decided I had to swap it for another drink. The moment I see anything green I think about the Republic of Ireland."
Patrice Evra is feeling a little green ahead of France's play-off with the Republic.

"If you hide behind cliches, we'll be dead and buried by January."
Falkirk defender Darren Barr brilliantly launches a ban on cliches. With a cliche.

"This time last year, I think we came a close fifth in a two-horse race in India, so we need to win the vast majority of games if we're going to be realistic World Cup contenders." Graeme Swann on England's one-day history. You do the maths.

"When we go to work and perform invariably it is in front of thousands. If we don't do our jobs, it gives the opportunity for people to criticise when they have not put their heads over the parapet and tried it themselves."
Mark Hughes addresses criticism of Wayne Bridge by Match of the Day's Alan Hansen - who won three European Cups, eight league titles, and was capped by Scotland 26 times.

"I learned the Welsh anthem at school, I can sing it, don't worry about that."
Chester-born Andy Dorman shows off his Welsh credentials following his call-up for the friendly with Scotland.
Crouchy celebrates Novak's win
"I had the feeling I was playing against a cyborg."
Gael Monfils is not doing the robot dance after losing to Novak Djokovic in the Paris Masters final.

5 live's Neil Reynolds: "What do you like to do on game day here at the stadium?"
Green Bay Packers fan: "Drink."
Reynolds: "What is so special about a game day experience in Green Bay?"
Fan: "The drink."
Reynolds: "But there's some good food out here as well. Is that an important part of the day?"
Fan: "Sometimes it can be. But if you eat too much, you get full - and then you can't drink."
5 live American football commentator Neil Reynolds recounts asking a Green Bay fan what the Packers mean to him and his community.

"Nothing to shred/punch/kick/break/sold my old Slayer I thought I'd have a nice bath and now the damn water has gone off...nothing, pressure at all and it appears it's just in my house as the neighbour's water is ends a terrific day Sad " Addick1965 on the Charlton Life messageboard after the FA Cup defeat by Northwich.



John Inverdale: "So how can England beat the All Blacks next weekend?"
Jeremy Guscott: "Pray...simple as that!"
Guscott has some great advice for the England team preparing to take on the All Blacks! (Jas Singh, UK).

"Terence Newman was like 'Hey, it wasn't me, I was 16 yards away from the play, eating a hot dog, and I'm already in enough trouble for doing that!'."
Greg Brady on 5Live Sports Extra's NFL after Dallas Cowboys cornerback Newman was wrongly penalised. (Stephen F,UK).

"Every time a tournament comes round, they have all these world-class players and a man (Domenech) who seems intent on messing them up."
Republic of Ireland defender Richard Dunne - BEFORE the defeat by France. (Ilyaas Anis, UK).

"Manchester City midfielder Stephen Ireland has claimed that top players tried to sabotage Mark Hughes' rein at the club when he first arrived at Eastlands."
From BBC Football Gossip. Was that because he was trying to harness their talents? (Trevor Trotman, UK).

"The match started five minutes late due to the minute's silence beforehand."
BBC radio commentator on Premier League match. (Geoff Chamberlain, England).

Commentator 1: "Dallas have outscored the rockets 27-12."
Commentator 2: "Yeah, you're not going to beat many teams doing that."
Heard in the NBA game between the Mavericks and the Rockets. Exactly which teams will you beat when you're being outscored?
(Ruairidh Calderwood, Australia).
Next stop Leyton
"We're going to be the Harlem Globetrotters over the next week or so with a trip to Norwich followed by two trips to Orient."
Tranmere caretaker manager Les Parry told BBC Radio Merseyside. I didn't realise Norwich and Leyton were so far away! (Paul Charles).

"Things like that happen in games, and you just have to take it on the chin."
Martin Roberts on Dan Carter's high tackle during the Wales - NZ match. (Mike Leah, UK).

"To lose to a team in the third division can't be considered an achievement."
The 'stating the obvious' award goes to Real Madrid manager Manuel Pellegrini after his team were knocked out of the Copa del Rey by Alcorcon. (Leo oh oh)

Jon Champion on ESPN: "Who do you think will replace the injured Riera?"
Chris Waddle: "Well, it`s not gonna be Gerrard. It definitely wont be Gerrard. I can`t see him coming on."
Champion: " Liverpool send on Steven Gerrard for the injured Riera."
Radio commentary in the midweek game at Anfield. (Robokopthe3rd).

"You can hear the hush of expectancy buzzing round the ground."
5 live's Colin Murray before the Chelsea-Man U game.

"The England players need to have self-belief in their team-mates."
Heard on Sky Sports' coverage of the England v Australia rugby league final. Well, which is it? (Tim).



"You're not fit to wear the shirt!"
Luton fans to Grays goalkeeper Preston Edwards who, due to a kit clash, had to wear a Luton keeper's shirt. (Niall Kelly, England).

"We hate England more than you!"
Scottish fans to their Welsh counterparts during the friendly in Cardiff.
(David, UK)

"There's only one Benítez!"
Birmingham fans after Christian Benítez equalises at Anfield.
(Dbutler KRO).
Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough
"There's only one Vicky Pollard!"
Forest supporters to a female Bristol City fan being unceremoniously ejected from the City Ground. (Gerrard Spray, UK).

"You need a mortgage for a burger!"
Warrington Fans during their away game at Radcliffe Borough FC.



"You may need a mortgage for a burger, but if your coach driver doesnt move your coach, you're getting charged Council Tax as well!"
Radcliffe tannoy announcer at the above game. (James Heyes, UK).

"Half-time at Eastlands: Manchester City 1 - 2 Burnley!"
Stadium announcer at Stockport County's FA Cup game v Tooting and Mitcham amid huge cheers around Edgeley Park...but I thought we didn't like Burnley?!
(Hannah, Stockport).



"Bay of Picks"
Chicago-Sun Times, after the NFL Chicago Bears lost 10-6 to the San Francisco 49ers in San Francisco. Bears QB Jay Cutler was intercepted (picked) five times.
(Don MacGregor, United States).



"The world came, the world saw and we conquered."
Banner at the match between host Nigeria and Switzerland at the Fifa U17 World Cup final. (Ahmed).
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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:27 pm



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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by PieEater on Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:42 pm

"No Woodman - No cry."
At Wycombe v Brighton,when Wycombe took a second-half lead after Craig Woodman's first-half dismissal.

Win cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers

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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:44 pm


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Just for wils!

Post by blackburndan on Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:48 pm

Quotes of the week
Post categories: Football

Chris Charles | 10:35 UK time, Wednesday, 25 November 2009

"I had a funny feeling before the game. I was given a pair of green boots and I tried them on before the game, but Clive Allen said I couldn't wear them, so I changed them. They were pinkish silver ones in the end, and I go and score five."
Jermain Defoe gives a high-five to his footwear after his nap-hand in Tottenham's 9-1 win over Wigan. Pinkish silver?

"It was a major shock to us, especially when we knew it was the heart. He's a big man so he must need a big ticker to keep him going. But it will take a lot to knock over that old elephant."
Blackburn captain Ryan Nelsen on Sam Allardyce's heart op,

"A player doesn't need to pay between five and 15% of his wages to a guy to set up a bank account or buy him a new fridge."
Players who over-use agents get a frosty reception from Gary Neville.

Roy Keane: "Whose phone is that? That's the second time it's gone off."
Reporter: "I think that's my phone, sorry."
Keano: "Well why don't you turn it off? You're stitting there, that's the second time it's gone off. Why don't you put it on silent?"
Reporter: "No it's not the second time."
Keano: "Well why don't you turn it off?"
Reporter: "Well I'll turn it off in a minute."
Keano: "You're just going to let it ring?"
Reporter: "Well I thought I'd let it ring, yeah."
Keano: "Oh right, that's good manners."
A brave - or foolish - hack gets into a phony war with Roy Keane during a press conference.

"He almost caught it and ran into the net with it."
Robbie Keane on the handball by Thierry Henry that cost Ireland a place in the World Cup.

"They are all probably clapping hands - Michel Platini sitting up there on the phone to Sepp Blatter, probably texting each
other, delighted with the result."
Robbie turns his anger to the presidents of Uefa and Fifa, following the last-minute decision to seed the play-offs.

"When they (France) come on the telly during the World Cup I will spit."
French chef Jean-Christophe Novelli is dismayed by the actions of his countryman.

"What shocks me the most is that this player, at the end of the game, went to sit next to an Ireland player to comfort him - when he had just screwed him. If I had been an Irishman he wouldn't have lasted three seconds."
Henry will be hoping he doesn't bump into Eric Cantona anytime soon.

"The replay? I'll do it when you want on a PlayStation."
Patrice Evra believes he has the answer.

"Henry? We should make a statue of him."
The mischievous Evra continues to pour oil on to troubled waters.

"When I was manager I said Fifa stands for 'Forget Irish Football Altogether'."
Former Republic boss Mick McCarthy - a master of the comedy acronym.

"I was given a commemorative teapot to mark my achievement - it was my number one trophy for some time."
England rugby new boy Ayoola Erinle on the days when he was a Countdown contestant. Pity he can't solve the on-field conundrum.

"The days of me pounding the treadmill are over. As you can imagine, I was
gutted to hear that."
Freddie Flintoff on the news that part of his recovery from knee surgery will include a less high-impact training regime. Every cloud....

"I haven't lost any sleep over it. I had to find out what Twitter was. I thought it was the new guy playing fly-half for England."
New Zealand rugby union coach Graham Henry after Neemia Tialata and Cory Jane announce their non-selection for the clash with England on the social networking site.

"I don't think what he wanted to do got across to some players and also I think some of them are too thick to take it on board and not good enough to take it on board anyway to be perfectly honest with you."
Craig Burley gives his view on uncle George's unsuccessful reign as Scotland manager.
Comedy glasses - hours of fun

"The other day I refereed a little game with the first-team players. I did a bad job. The day after, the players arrived with a present for me. I opened it and there was a pair of big joke glasses."
Carlo Ancelotti has specs appeal.

"The ball hit my hand, I will be honest."
Bit late for that, Thierry.



"As you say Jim, if the boot's on the other foot it's sauce for the gander."
RTÉ's George Hamilton brings out the cliches during the France-Ireland play-off. (Kevin Threadgold, Ireland).

"We still haven't won anything, you know. We might have won our division..."
David Beckham ahead of his MLS play-off final clash. (Winny McFeloola, UK).

"The challenge of going up against Lewis in his environment was a challenge. Tough, but a challenge. For me, I achieved everything I wanted to with Brawn with winning the title in '09 and I'm looking for new challenges."
From Jenson Button's interview with 5 live. Sounds like it might be a challenge, then? (Paul Vincent, UK).

"I don't know if you guys watched the game last night but the whole world was watching."
Representative of the Irish FA talking to Eleanor Oldroyd on 5live. If the whole world was watching, why did he have to ask? (Chris, Manchester).

"We should have seen this coming and kept an eye on them: Olympics 2008, French crowned handball champions." DaffyBoy on 606. (Tom A, UK).

"Clattenburg's given a penalty - some of that gel he's got on his head must have dripped in his eye."
Paul Merson on Soccer Saturday, following the soft penalty given to Hull against West Ham. (Chris, London).

"It's certainly not altitude sickness, in Greenwich."
Andrew Castle during the Murray-Del Potro match at the O2. Del Potro had called for a medical time-out after getting a nosebleed. (Shiraz, Harrow).

"If you want to win the title, one thing you need is consistent consistency."
Arsene Wenger on Match of the Day after losing to Sunderland. Is there any other kind? (Rory Chesworth, Norfolk).

"He gave a corner to Bristol when Kevin Maher kept the ball in play and he was at least 50 yards away. If the Irish had had him then they probably would have been in the World Cup."
Gillingham manager Mark Stimson lays into the linesman in his post-match interview after the match against Bristol Rovers. (Baz, UK).

"So are you feeling a little bit sheepish in New Zealand about going through?"
James Richardson on the Guardian Football podcast asks a NZ journalist about qualifying for South Africa - I don't think the national sterotype was intentional.
(Conor, N Ireland).
Don't mess with the baldies
"There's not too much hair in the midfield for Bologna."
ESPN commentator comments on Bologna's three bald midfielders during the Bologna-Inter game. (CJ, UK).

"Hull goal: It's a thriller at the DW."
BBC text commentary - didn't realise Hull played at Wigan. (Sanu,UK).

"I'm not gonna train any harder or any less because I moved to a club for this amount of money. Obviously I want to repay the club's faith and persistence in me, but I'm gonna be trying just as hard as I did at Everton, if not even harder."
Joleon Lescott sending mixed messages in a BBC interview. So will he be trying harder or not? (Phil Birkett, England).

"Damien Duff, who played in the 1970 and 1999 youth World Cups for Ireland..."
A Setanta announcer apparently thinks Duff is in his 50s. (David, USA).

"And it looks like right-back Peter Vincenti, on loan from Millwall, is set to come on for Stevenage".
Commentator on The He's actually been with us permanently for over two years, and is a striker! (Jack, UK).

"If Maclaren hadn't gone for Jenson, they'd have gone for someone else."
Kimi Raikkonen's manager states the obvious. (Thom, England).

"That was a great pass to Warburton - right in the bread basket."
Jonathan Davies is on a roll during the Wales v Samoa match. (Al, Swansea).

"This is Englands' 500th game. It started with Scotland and 498 victories later here we are."
Commentator at the England-Brazil match. That's some record!
(Si Culley, England).

"A trio of Irish players, including Tiger Woods, share the lead going into the final day's play."
On Newstalk (Irish Radio station) sports bulletin. (Colm McDermott, Ireland).

"All the winning shots are at the end of a rally."
Federer v Murray on 5 live sports extra. No, really?!
(Rick Maloney, UK).

"Tsotsobe to Trott, 3 runs, driven to mid-off, sets off for a quick single, shye hits the stumps and reqocets"
Seen on Cricinfo during England v SA 'A' 50 over game: Has a 16th century time-travelling scribe infiltrated Cricinfo? Have Gordon Brown and Ed Balls decreed that 'ricochet' should be spelled differently as it sounds too French? (smellslikesalmon)
Welcome home!
"It's like a domestic game now, everyone on the field is South African."
Darryl Cullinan when KP joined Jonathan Trott at the crease for England in the second T20 game. (Matthew, South Africa).

"He gets a bit lucky there, Morgan. It's the luck of the Irish."
Cullinan continues his mischief-making. (Matthew, South Africa).

"That has never happened to me before. I've seen something similar on a football bloopers film. I thought I'd done all the hard work then the ball stopped on the line."
Bury striker Danny Nardiello thought his goal against Notts County had won it for Bury, only for the ball to be stuck in the mud.
(Anthony Ko, UK).

"Mahmood went down like a dying giraffe."
TMS's Simon Mann on Sajid Mahmood failing to take a catch during the 2nd ODI on Sunday. (davidscc)



"He's big, he's bad, he's better than his Dad, Rory Fallon!"
After Fallon scored the goal for New Zealand against Bahrain that ensured qualification for the World Cup - a nod to Kevin Fallon , who was assistant coach the last time NZ made the World Cup finals in '82. (kiwizeppelin).

"We've got Glenn Whelan, and tonight's gonna be a good night!"
My mate Nigel in Belfast's Rose & Crown pub to the tune of Black Eyed Peas' I've Got A Feeling, ahead of the France-Ireland game. Pity about the result...
(Ronan Trainor, Ireland).

"Down with pneumonia. We're going down with pneumonia!"
From the rain-soaked, wind-swept Charlton fans behind the uncovered goal at Yeovil's Huish Park. (Dave Rudd, UK).

"Are you Henry in disguise?"
Spurs fans to Paul Scharner after his handball in the build-up to Wigan's goal in the 9-1 rout. (Matt Williams, UK).

"It's just like watching Henry!"
Variation on a theme for Watford fans after they thought a Scunthorpe player handled the ball to prevent another Hornets goal.
(Jimmy, UK and leeds_n_proud PLC).

"My Hangeland, my Hangeland I want you to play with my Hangeland."
To the tune of Chuck Berry's My Ding-a-ling, heard at Birmingham-Fulham to the Cottagers' Brede Hangeland.
(Philip O'Brien, Birmingham).
Be afraid...
"Rhydian, Rhydian what's the score?"
Sang to Stevenage's bleached-blond defender Mark Roberts following his poor back pass for Port Vale's winner in the FA Cup - in honour of his X-Factor lookalike!
(Mark, Stoke-on-Trent).

"Jedward are better than Robbie!"
Stevenage fans during their FA Cup game with Robbie Williams' team Port Vale. (Jack, UK).

"Ten men went to carry, went to carry Nade. 10 men, 9 men, 8 men, 7 men, 6 men, 5 men, 4 men, 3 men, 2 men, 1 man and a forklift truck couldn't carry Nade."
Sung by Hibs fans to Christian Nade at Tynecastle to the tune of One Man Went To Mow.
(Liam Macpherson, Scotland).



"Ladies and gentleman...shhhhhhh."
Tannoy announcer at Chelsea before the minute's silence against Manchester United. (linn-dog)

Are there any quotes/chats/announcements we've missed? Add yours below or use the postform to email them in.
League One
League One

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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 25, 2009 2:13 pm

I like this thread, it's a lot of reading but some very funny stuff.


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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 25, 2009 2:13 pm

Cheers Dan


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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by arover on Thu Nov 26, 2009 3:15 pm

"Down with pneumonia. We're going down with pneumonia!"


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Re: Quotes of the Week

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