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Post by Guest on Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:33 am

Was chatting to Willy last week on here about this subject.

My only knowledge of football up to going to cubs was kicking a ball against my kitchen wall. As soon as I joined cubs though everything changed. Within 5 minutes of joining I was involved in a pre cub kick about with the rest of the troop and i was instantly hooked! Fair enough I was useless and probably didnt touch the ball but it grabbed me.

I didn't support a team but that was soon decided for me by my Akela who was an avid rovers fan and took advantage of us young kids... by forcing his football beliefs on us. As a result many new Blackburn fans were born, four of which I know are still season ticket holders.

Anyway my memory from 7 - 10 and a half of course is a bit warped nowadays but I graduated through the ranks and eventually became 'sixer' of my group and had shite loads of badges ranging from fixing a puncture (I actually did this one), to spotting birds (I didn't do that one but still got my badge). However the only reason I was going was to play football on a Wednesday and Saturday.

In my time in the cub team we won the Duckworth Cup, which was a cup competition for the 2nd division teams. Won the 2nd division and cemented our place in the first division.

In my final year at cubs we were 3rd in the league and into the semi finals of the main cup competition. Unfortunately there was a rule in cubs that meant you could stay in cubs until 11 but had to quit football at 10 and a half. I turned 10 1/2 on 3rd March 1990, the same day as our semi final match but also the same day I was due to play in the lancashire cubs chess final. The choice of course was simple but unfortunately I lost because I moved rook to Q3 to hastely leaving me exposed their bishop and I lost... Of course not I played in the semi final and scored the equivalent of an 88th minute equaliser (cant remember half lengths in cubs football). The match finished 1-1, we lost the replay 4-0 on the following wednesaday when I was unable to play.

I would love to say that this was because the team relied on me but this wasn't the case, they were the eventual league winners and a class above the rest of the league. We had done well to get the 1-1 draw in the first place.

As soon as I couldn't play football I saw no point in going to cubs and less than a month later stopped going. I then tried scouts for a couple of weeks but the lure of under 12 football was much higher.

Was anyone else a cub or a scout? Did you do it just for football? Did you enjoy it? Any strange stories regarding camping trips and an over excited cubmaster?... Actually I'd rather not hear about that.


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Re: Cubs..

Post by arover on Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:46 am

Nice post Wils.

I was never in cubs but joined the scouts for a while, I got the uniform and everything. We didn't play football at all but I remember swaggering at table tennis and we played British Bulldogs a lot. I liked the camping that we did but hated the badges stuff and the bob a job week was just plain fucking daft.

We all smerked our first tabs on one of the camping trips when we bought a packet of Number 10 and shared them out, most of us spewed up as a result, I know I did. Scouts was A Thursday night and my parents used to give me the money for a chippy supper on the way home so that was a right result too. Also I was never sexually interfered with by any of the leaders. Honestly. I never made patrol leader as I lost interest at about 13 or so.

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Re: Cubs..

Post by Rover the Sea on Tue Sep 15, 2009 11:16 am

I came through the whole cubs and scouting route. Our scout hall was in a right shitty part of the area we lived in and got loads of abuse from the local Spides (chavs) but a few of us perservered and it was the making of us as teenagers giving us a bit of direction. Friday night was Scouts night and we too got to go to the chippy on the way home. We never played football much, though, that is more of a Boy's Brigade thing in N.Ireland. Our leader was top bloke and suffered a lot for our Friday night refuge. I'm all for the Scouts and only wish the movement was more prevalent these days, over here anyway.

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Re: Cubs..

Post by Willy on Tue Sep 15, 2009 11:24 pm

Great times, they were. Me and Wils had a good ol' yarn about it and I was talking about it to my girl last night as well. I have some great memories of those times and, to be honest, I even enjoyed the church stuff we did.

What I didn't enjoy was the amount of kicking off because "Billy ate some bread and drank some wine and he's not been confirmed!!"

Fuck off, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about over some rice paper and a 2000-year-old man's 'blood'.

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Re: Cubs..

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